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The path to financial wealth and freedom begins at ground zero — with a budget.

Did you know that not sticking to a budget may cost you more in the long run and could derail your financial future? Let’s take a closer look at the various ways neglecting a budget can affect your financial well-being and how a budget can help you overcome them.

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Whether you are struggling with paying off credit card debt, paying off student loans, saving for your first home, or just looking for some budgeting help, we've got you covered! Check out our helpful blog posts, use our free financial calculators, and learn how our budget templates can help get you on the path to financial freedom!

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When it comes to tackling debt, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Choosing between the Snowball and Avalanche methods often sparks debates among financial experts.

What is compound interest

Have you ever wondered how your money can grow from the thousands to the millions? Enter compound interest – the financial superpower that can turn modest investments into significant long-term wealth. So, what is compound interest, and how can it help you make that financial leap to accelerate your path to wealth? This article will […]

Rewards programs are for more thank just free flights, find out how we use our favourite 9 rewards programs to help us live our best life on a budget!

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Financial freedom starts with a budget. Get yours here.


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    Don’t let debt, especially high-interest consumer debt, consume your most valuable wealth-building resource: your income! Take control by downloading our Google Sheet template, which will guide you in determining the optimal monthly payment to eliminate your debt within a matter of months.

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    Hello! I’m Deidre, the face behind OHH YOU BUDGET.

    From the beginning, I’ve been the go-to person for personal finance guidance among my friends. But my journey wasn’t easy. I carried every kind of debt imaginable, and I made it my mission to turn my financial situation around. I immersed myself in learning and trying various budgeting methods, determined to get out of debt and build wealth.

    Today, I share my knowledge and unwavering passion for budgeting, along with my own personal financial journey, to empower others. I firmly believe that the key to financial prosperity and freedom starts at ground zero, and that’s with a budget.

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